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Classic Zombies maps return to Black Ops 3

Classic Zombies maps return to Black Ops 3

I am a HUGE Call of Duty: Zombies fan. I even have fond reminiscences of my 14-year-antique self wasting nighttime after evening aiming for the high rounds on Treyarch’s Black Ops Zombies mode, finishing one in all several infamous Zombies Easter Eggs on George Romero tribute map Call of the Dead or being attacked through […]

The Birth of Beyond Good & Evil

REVIEW / Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PS4, X1, PC)

Witnessing the beautiful Earth-like planet of Hillys from area was the beginning of an journey that stuck with me all all through the years. Beyond Good & Evil became advanced by using Ubisoft for the PS2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and GameCube. It changed into released in 2003 (the same year as Prince of Persia: The […]